Debate has busy weekend with multiple wins

The Lindale Speech and Debate Team had two events this week.
First, on Tuesday, September 27, Corban Sorrells (’17) and Brady Weaver (’17) competed at the Sons of the American Revolution Joseph Rumbaugh Oratorical Competition.  This contest is actually called the Janice Caldwell Finals in honor of our previous coach who was so instrumental in establishing this scholarship contest.  Corban won the event last year, advancing to state and winning there, and then advancing to nationals this past summer in Boston.  This year, Corban took first again (winning $300) and advanced to state (October 15 in Austin).  Brady took third (winning $75).
Then, on Saturday, the team had their largest outing of the season.  Twenty-eight students traveled to compete at Van High School.  There, with 22 other schools in attendance, we won the tournament sweepstakes with 306 points.  Our next closest competitor had 80 points.  It was an awesome day.  The following are the individual results:
1st Varsity Policy Debate – Ronak Desai (’18) and Jonas Thrasher-Evers (’17)
3rd Varsity Policy Debate – Robert McWhorter (’18) and Anthony Wyatt (’18)
1st Novice Policy Debate – Matthew Grady (’20) and Carlee Pascual (’20)
2nd Novice Policy Debate – Nalany Hernandez (’20) and Deyonte Range (’20)
3rd Novice Policy Debate – Autumn Ellgass (’20) and Luke Sims (’19)
1st Varsity LD Debate – Ashley Ray (’17)
3rd Varsity LD Debate – Ashlyn Ellgass (’19)
3rd Public Forum Debate – Mara Griffin (’19) and Ally Perkins (’19)
5th Public Forum Debate – Kelsi Kilgore (’17) and Corban Sorrells (’17)
1st Congressional Debate – Evan Bewersdorf (’18)
1st International Extemporaneous Speaking – Evan Bewersdorf (’18)
3rd International Extemporaneous Speaking – Ronak Desai (’18)
3rd Novice Extemporaneous Speaking – Carlee Pascual (’20)
5th Novice Extemporaneous Speaking – Deyonte Range (’20)
1st Original Oratory – Elizabeth Tagg (’18)
4th Original Oratory – Ashlyn Ellgass (’19)
6th Original Oratory – Samantha Rodden (’19)
1st Humorous Interpretation – Samantha Rodden (’19)
3rd Humorous Interpretation – Elizabeth Tagg (’18)
1st Dramatic Interpretation – Elizabeth Tagg (’18)
1st Poetry Interpretation – Matti Payne (’18)
2nd Poetry Interpretation – Samantha Rodden (’19)
3rd Poetry Interpretation – Elizabeth Tagg (’18)
4th Poetry Interpretation – Ally Perkins (’19)
1st Prose Interpretation – Matti Payne (’18)
2nd Prose Interpretation – Samantha Rodden (’19)
3rd Prose Interpretation – Elizabeth Tagg (’18)
Semifinalists Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking – Ashlyn Ellgass (’19) and Anthony Wyatt (’18)
Semifinalists Novice Extemporaneous Speaking – Nalany Hernandez (’20) and Samuel Johnsen (’18)
With their results from this tournament, the following milestones were reached:
  • Evan Bewersdorf and Ronak Desai completed their qualifications to the TFA State Meet in March.
  • Elizabeth Tagg received her second bid for the NIETOC for Oratory and has now fully qualified to compete at the NIETOC in Kansas City this May.  She has also received one bid for her Dramatic.
  • Samantha Rodden received a NIETOC bid for her Humorous.
  • May other students have received TFA Points for their work: Evan Bewersdorf (8 Pts in Congressional Debate); Ronak Desai and Jonas Thrasher-Evers (6 Pts in Policy Debate); Robert McWhorter and Anthony Wyatt (8 Pts in Policy Debate); Ashley Ray (8 Pts in LD Debate); Mara Griffin and Ally Perkins (4 Pts in PF Debate); Kelsi Kilgore and Corban Sorrells (6 Pts in PF Debate); Elizabeth Tagg (6 Pts in Oratory); Ashlyn Ellgass (4 Pts in LD Debate and 2 Pts in Oratory); Samantha Rodden (1 Pt in Oratory).  Once these students earn 12 total points, they will qualify for state!