Little fish in a big pond


Freshman students already to work in the new school year.

With clammy hands and shaky legs, they enter the doors to Lindale High School. Unfamiliar faces tower over them in the halls. The numerous hallways grow longer and confusing by the second. The exchange of classes become a wild goose chase. So far, freshman year seems like a never ending cycle of confusion.

“High school is definitely pretty confusing starting out,” freshman Sydney Wallander said. “I think the main question I would ask upperclassmen is how they manage their time and are able to handle all the stressful classes.”

In high school, it is evident there is a lot going on at all times. Some advice upperclassmen give is to purchase a monthly planner. This helps keep track of what’s going on and acts as a visual reminder.  Entering high school can be a stressful and overwhelming environment change for some freshmen. There are new peers, teachers, opportunities and standards that differ from middle school. Despite the confusion, there are many ways to tackle this year of high school like a pro.

“Learn how to study and start good habits because freshman year counts the most,” senior Avery Beeler said. “It is also important to make upperclassmen friends- that will help you a ton.”

As schools become more technologically advanced, it is easy to lose hands-on studying skills. Upperclassmen advise making flashcards and helpful visual aids to study for tests and quizzes.

“One thing I’ve noticed and enjoy about high school is the amount of freedom we have compared to junior high,” freshman Matthew Aubuchon said. “The teachers treat us more like adults which creates a better learning environment in my opinion.”

High school is the time to find yourself and participate in activities. With the social freedom students are given and the opportunities available to them, many are able to be successful in the academic routes they choose.

“The best advice would be to get involved,” junior Chloe Land said. “There are so many clubs, sports, and extracurricular activities at LHS, you’re destined to find something that you like. It is also a great way to make some awesome friends that you’ll keep forever and make an impact on the community.”

A survival tip from many upperclassmen to freshmen is to be confident in everything you do. Don’t let the fear of unfamiliarity keep you from embracing your high school years and trying new things.

“I joined FFA having no previous agricultural experience and ended up loving it,” junior Madison Slauson said. “I think this goes to show that you don’t have to have a certain ‘look’ or experience to succeed in something. So my advice is to really get involved and don’t be afraid of not fitting in somewhere.”