Through these halls walk the future

Before the seniors walked the stage, they walked the halls of both the College Street and Velma Penny campuses May 20. This second annual “senior walk” is designed as an inspiration for younger students.

“The little kids look up to these older kids,” principal Casey Neal said. “They see them in their cap and gown and it gives them something to look forward to.”

Over 200 seniors walked among first, second and third grade students, sharing both smiles and high fives. Students, such as third grader Avery Albritton, share excitement for this memorable event.

“It’s really cool, we love it when they come over,” Avery said. “I can’t wait to graduate one day.”

Most seniors, who had walked these campus halls before as third graders, see this as a reminder of where it all started. As their last year as a high school student is coming to a close, emotions are running high.

It shows us just how far we’ve come,” salutatorian Caroline Kelm said. “It’s just sad to think about everything that we’re gonna be leaving behind.”

The memories and lasting impressions that the seniors leave behind are part of their legacy to Lindale.

“Kids at this age and grade level are very impressionable,” College Street principal Jodie Albritton said. “We want this to become a tradition so that it can inspire students for years to come.”