Students use talents to raise money


Senior Katelin Free dancing at the talent show. Photo by: Sidney Walker

On Friday, April 8,  students, faculty and relatives came to the cafeteria to watch as their loved ones took the stage to display their talents.

“I wanted to be in the talent show because I thought it was a good way to display my talent to others,” junior Joseph Yarbrough said. “I mean a lot of people know I rap, but I felt like it would be a good opportunity and it would be a lot of fun too.”

  The profits from the talent show were donated to cancer research,  something the student council has done for many years.

“It felt pretty good, because I recently found out my uncle had cancer,” Yarbrough said. “It felt really good to know that if I perform and people come see me, then their money will go to a good cause.”

Many others felt the same way as they took the stage to sing, dance, play an instrument, tumble, twirl and rap.

“Rebecca [Rebecca Richardson] has the most beautiful voice as well as over all personality,” Petty said. “Her voice brought tears to my eyes, literally.”