Junior to speak at first ‘Inspire’ event [part 1]

On Thursday, junior Maddie Beitel will be speaking  to students on overcoming disabilities.  Beitel was asked to be the first “inspire” speaker as a follow-up to the Rachel’s Challenge event held earlier in the semester.

“Whenever the guy from Rachel’s challenge came and talked to us I thought it was really cool,” junior Maddie Beitel said. “Then, when we made the hands I wrote, ‘If you can’t tell this hand belongs to Maddie’, just trying to make a joke, but Mrs. Walker saw it and started talking to me about speaking.”

Beitel has a condition called ectodermal dysplasia which means she was born with two fingers on each hand and two toes on each foot.  Beitel spoke to teachers at a faculty “Lunch and Learn” on Tuesday as a precursor to Thursday’s event.  

“[Thursday]  I’ll be talking about how to overcome disabilities, problems, and differences,”  Beitel said.