Don’t just stand by

It is time to eliminate spectator mentality

We have heard since grade school that bullying is a serious problem, yet everyday we see people being mistreated by their fellow students while others stand by and watch.  It is this spectator mentality that is also a serious problem that we joke about and ignore. In modern times, society is increasingly standing by and watching negative events happen without intervening.  

We need to lose this mentality and take action against wrongdoings in the school  for the better of the people and atmosphere of the school.

We students spend the majority of daylight hours in this building with the same people for five days a week, so why would we want to spend this time being rude to each other when it could be a positive and safe place for all of us? Yet instead of helping each other, we quite too often ignore or even torment others. It just doesn’t make sense for us to hurt others and stand by and watch others get hurt when we could  just help someone out with a few simple words.  

When we do not stand up for others who are being bullied, we are desensitizing ourselves to the suffering of others. The effects of bullying on people is not a joke, yet our current society seems to have made it into one. The ‘it’ thing is to be snarky and witty, and this is often something that people take too far and use to bully and hurt other students. Comedy can be cruel when it is used at the expense of others. It is important to take action and not watch as others are being bullied because this spectator mentality is at the cost of someone’s mental and potential physical health.

Some students may argue that their actions cannot make a difference, but everyone’s actions make a difference. Just a smile to someone who is new or a bright greeting to someone who is having a bad day could cause others to start to do the same. However, more important than that is not standing by when someone is being mistreated.  Doing so may seem like one isn’t involved, but in reality, saying and doing nothing is the same as agreeing with it.  

The solution to stopping this is for people make a point to eliminate spectator mentality. Reasonable action and kindness are the ways to stop bullying, not standing by and watching.