Poinsetting the mood for Christmas

In the weeks preceding Christmas break, special education teacher Forrest Manning took his students around the high school campus, along with the junior high and E.J Moss, selling poinsettias in offices and classrooms.

“We sell poinsettias every year as a fundraiser for the life skills class to purchase supplies and take our kids on special field trips that we wouldn’t otherwise have the money for,” Manning said.

Poinsettias have been placed in the counselor’s office, the main office, in multiple teacher’s rooms, and in the hallways.

“The kids get a kick out of going around and being able to carry plants around and deliver them to the teachers and to the other campuses as well,” Manning said.

In Mexico the plant is known as flor de nochebuena, which translates to ‘flower of Christmas Eve’.

“Poinsettias are a great plant around this time of year, everybody loves them, they’re beautiful plants, and they’re very hardy plants,” Manning said. “They can last all year if you take care of them right.”