Teacher Swap

Student trains teachers in using technology

Freshman Danielle Harris found herself swapping places with her teachers this Tuesday when she led a Lunch-N-Learn covering Google Sheets, a spreadsheet application similar to Microsoft Excel. Lunch-N-Learns are short workshops held during the lunch periods.

“It was fun,” Harris said. “I talked to the teachers and actually showed them what to do on a computer. I wasn’t nervous as much as it was odd answering the questions for a teacher.”

The Lunch-N-Learn was requested by Mrs. French, one of Harris’s teachers.  Rhonda Walker, the campus instructional technologist, set up the presentation two weeks prior.

“She taught us all the basics,”  Walker said.  “She has a really thorough background in technology.  She did a really good job.  She was very professional. She dressed professionally and everything.”

Harris moved back to Lindale this year, but she learned how to use Google Sheets at Innovation Academy, a charter school in Tyler. Innovation Academy is a college-prep school that employs technology in every aspect of their students’ education.

“It’s not like a normal school where you’re carrying around textbooks and pens and paper,” Harris said. “You have an iPad and all of your books and stuff are in it. Before I went there, I didn’t know anything about this stuff, but now it’s all really easy.”

With Lindale’s implementation of ipads in the classroom, technology integration with students will substantially increase.  More presentations similar to Harris’ could become a part of future Lunch-N-Learns.

“I am excited about having students teaching teachers,”  career and technology education teacher Neda Morrow said. “It really allows the students to take ownership of their education, and it allows teachers the ability to learn new technology.”