Cheerleader injured during pep-rally prep

Junior and student athlete Farrah Price experienced a cheer related injury September 23 and will be out for the remainder of the season. 

“I’ll be done for this season but hopefully I’ll be able to try out next year,” Price said. “But, my injury won’t be fully healed until January.”

Price, a flyer, and her team were practicing a pep rally routine when she lost her balance during an attempt to form a pyramid. This type of stunt means that the flyer will have a smaller group of people below to catch her and holds a higher risk of injury.

“This can be a common thing for cheerleaders because there is a lot of potential for injuries to occur,” cheer sponsor Stacie Wheeler said. “There is a lot of lifting of each other and fast movements and unfortunately a lot of girls do get hurt when they’re stunting.”

Price was using the opposite leg she usually uses and lost her balance. She reached to get caught and instead landed on a team member’s knee. 

“While I was in the hospital the doctor told me that most injuries like I have are common for cheerleaders,” Price said. 

Although her injury is limiting, Price still manages to show the support and school spirit her team needs. Through attendance and participation in other events, she displays the dedication she holds toward her sport to her school and squad.

“She rolled up in her wheel chair last Friday, and I’m sure she’ll be at practices and she’ll be at the pep rally Friday,” cheerleader Bree Bergbower said. “She’ll be there; she’ll be showing her support.”