Photo by Garrett Brown and Kamryn Stacks
Photo by Garrett Brown and Kamryn Stacks

Dress to impress

Administrators make changes to the dress code


  LHS Administrators gave students a modified dress code for the 2015-2016 school year for safety and to keep students focused on their education.  

  “Mainly the dress code stayed the same, however we did change how hair that is out of code would be reported to us,” Bryan Mendez, Dean of Students, said.  “What we added to the D-Hall slip is a box that the teacher will check, notifying the student’s grade level principal of the violation. The student then has two days to get a haircut, address color issues or any other related hair issue.  If the student addresses the issue within the two days, there will be no consequence.”

  Changes to dress code include new hair restrictions, as well as girls not being allowed to wear overly baggy shirts, and no headbands.  Students have been voicing their opinions about the new dress code on social media. Some have had discussions about uniforms as well as opinions on the dress code as a whole.

  “A handful of student have complained,” assistant principal Ryan Tomlin said. “They just expressed their feelings on why a certain code should be changed. We explain that anywhere you work one day, you will have some sort of code; these just happen to be ours. We also explain that our high expectations are a big reason for our success.”

  An assembly was held  for each grade level to explain the school policy and their expectations. Administrators answered questions that many students had about the vagueness of the dress code and gave examples.

  “Rules regarding dress code are necessary,” freshman Samantha Rodden said. “With all of the school shootings that have been going on lately, it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

  On average, 10 to 15 students get in trouble for dress code violations daily. Punishment will be anywhere from a D-Hall to OCS.

  “We plan to hold all accountable who violate and say thanks to students daily for doing the right thing,” Tomlin said. “Changes always occur to create an atmosphere for the highest level of learning and safety.  It is important we make sure our campus is a place all community members are proud of when they walk in.”

  As more students move into Lindale, the expectations will grow along with the numbers. In the assembly the principals informed students that the rules regarding dress code will be enforced.  

 “I think you can express yourself and still be modest at the same time,” freshman Maddie Mezzell said. “You can still express yourself without walking around showing everything.”

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