Head count

Head count

Changes in leadership for the majorettes

The twirl program has made a change in how many students lead the majorette line.  There will now be five head majorettes for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year.

“With changing it up this year, I hope that the girls will understand the responsibility of being the lead twirler and how much work it takes,” sponsor Jessica Glasscock said. “Also, I know from experience that it is a tough job, but each of these girls are qualified. I hope that the girls will work together as a team with both performing and teaching. I think that it will be a great year.”

The plan is to have 5 different twirling routines with 5 different leaders. Each girl will take one home and one away game with her specific routine.

“We have several young ladies with great leadership and twirling skills that I felt were capable of filling the role of a leader, and I wanted to give them that opportunity,” Steven Moore, Head Band Director, said. The goal is “to develop the leadership potential in each of these young ladies, to develop a leadership team mentality, and to help improve the entire twirling line.”

When it is time for their routine to be performed, the leader will run practices, perfect their routine, help anyone with tricks, and remind the girls of everything needed for the game. They will be front and center for their routine and when their week is over then it is the next girl’s turn.

“As of right now I cannot say that this will be permanent,” Glasscock said. “Each year is different. In years past we have have had one head majorette, co-head majorettes, or no head majorette. Since this is the first year we are doing the leadership team we will just have to wait and see how well it plays out.”

The head majorettes are Whitney Bacon, Haleigh Hopper, Kaley Perez, Hannah Sanders,  and Erin Tomlinson.  All of the leaders are going to leadership camp in New Braunfels over the summer. They will be taking a bus with other band leaders for the three day trip.

  “I’m really excited about the team,” Majorette Whitney Bacon said. “It’s something totally different than previous years, and I’m very glad that I get to be a part of it.”

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