Final day of Career Week rescheduled

New date for Career Week set for April 6

The finale events of the 2015 College and Career Fair have been rescheduled for April 6 from 6-8 pm. There will be seven informational sessions available at 6, again at 630, and also at 7.   There will be 28 representatives that will be coming to educate  students with  information about future careers.

“We have over 20 higher level education organizations attending,” counselor Teri Hodges said. “TJC is sending 10 additional representatives for their programs. We are currently building a great list of companies that will be looking for summer workers, internships, full time positions for graduates, and more.”

 Longhorn and LHS are teaming up and providing food for students and their families to get them involved.

Session 1: ACT vs. SAT

Room: 115

Mrs. Bridges, an Admission Counselor from UT Tyler, will be discussing the differences between the SAT and ACT, the college readiness exams that is required for admissions into a 4 year university. It’s critical that students take the test that is best suited for them. She will also review ways to prep for these, tests, as well.

Session 2: Scholarships for College

Room: 112

Mrs. Smith, a representative from a local scholarship organization East Texas Community Foundation, will discuss the realities of the scholarship process, where most students actually get funding for their higher education experience, what juniors can be doing NOW, as well as some tips on the scholarship process overall.

Session 3: TJC Selective Admission Program Application Process

Room: 118

Tyler Junior College has multiple programs that require a separate & extremely competitive application process. These include programs such as: Dental Hygiene, Sonography, Occupational and Physical Therapy Assistant, Radiologic & Surgical Tech, & more. A TJC representative will review the overall application process, timelines, requirement of prerequisites, and further explain the ‘point system’ used in these selections.

Session 4: Overview of Financial Aid

Room: 120

Everyone says “there’s lots of money out there.” However, it’s very important that you understand the types of funds available; grants, loans, and work-study. This session will directed by TJC Financial Aid Advisors who review the types of funding available through completing the FAFSA application.

Session 5: FAFSA Application

Room 116

A TJC Advisor will provide an actual walk through and guided session of the FAFSA application and what it entails. This will include the appropriate website to visit, suggested timeline for completion of this process, directions on how to get a PIN, what family information is needed, how to use the data retrieval tool, what happens once your application is submitted, and more. **Students will complete the FAFSA application beginning January 1 of their senior year.

Session 6: Why choose a health field career ? Because it’s HOT!

Room: 122

This session will provide students/parents with a HOT Jobs Parent Guide and a Parent Academy Handbook and a HOT Jobs Student resource manual. The presentation will focus on why students should choose a career in the health field; how parents can help their child prepare for their future career and college; and information on 90 health career options as listed in the HOT jobs manual.

Session 7: Benefits & Funding from Military Services

Room: 124This session will be led by Sergeant Jamison informing students and parents about the financial benefits the military has to offer students wishing to join any branch, active duty or reserves, as well as provide contact information for students with family members that have or are currently serving in the military.