NHS supports Lift of Love fundraiser


Viki Bunch

Photo courtesy of Lasting Impressions by Viki Bunch

NHS students participated in The Lift of Love fundraiser Jan. 31. The event was an effort to buy a wheelchair lift for lifetime Lindale resident Duane Hale. The fundraiser raised $25,057 and Hale was able to purchase the lift as well as a body brace, bed, and other medical equipment.

“The community of Lindale will do whatever it takes to help someone in need,” principal Casey Neal said.

The fundraiser was the idea of Velma Penny Elementary teacher Wendi Hicks. She came up with the idea after reading Hale’s Facebook post voicing his frustrations related to his inability to watch his son Logan play baseball.

“They had been stuck on the side of the road too many times with Duane in his wheelchair,” Hicks said. “ The wheelchair lift for the van was the biggest need, I also knew he was so loved in this town that they would step up and help.”

The lift was purchased with the help of LoneStar Vans in Tyler, who donated to the fundraiser as well.  NHS students assisted at the event by setting up tables and decorations, serving food, and cleaning up.

“I’m very proud of the community and our school; that’s why I live here,” Neal said.