A digital drawing of characters from the TV show Hannibal. This art was done by Laila Lindsey.
A digital drawing of characters from the TV show Hannibal. This art was done by Laila Lindsey.
Laila Lindsey

Spotlight: Laila Lindsey

After countless minutes of persistent, vigorous effort, the final stroke of the pen brushes across the screen.  At long last, another piece of art is completed putting forth into the world what had only existed in the mind’s eye. Sophomore Laila Lindsey navigates to her TikTok page and uploads an image to TikTok’s post maker, and then presses submit.

Sophomore Laila Lindsey owns an art-based TikTok account (@lailas.in.space) which has almost reached 15,000 followers. The account has been active for around one year, and mostly posts characters. Posting has allowed Lindsey to share her creativity on a platform with others who share the same interests in art and style. 

“I’ve been drawing for nearly my entire life, but I only began taking my art seriously when I was around eight years old,” Lindsey said. “It was then that I saw my art improving, which is a main reason I continue drawing. Further development of my skills has always kept me going.”

Art-based fan communities have always been contributors to what have inspired Lindsey to begin and continue her artistic journey. Along with fan communities, other artists have majorly helped to inspire her art. 

“One of my favorite online creators is Neimy Kanani on Instagram,” Lindsey said. “I have been greatly inspired by both her digital and traditional art. Character illustrators like me would find her work to be a useful source for inspiration.”

Even with inspiration from other artists and creators, her art style remains unique. For most artists, developing an art style is the biggest struggle. 

“Developing a unique and recognizable art style took me years,” Lindsey said. “For a while, nearly all of my drawings looked different than my last. Developing my art style involved just drawing over and over again, experimenting, and analyzing art styles from illustrators I look up to.” 

No two art styles are the same, it depends on the person and what they aim for their art to represent. Lindsey often focuses her art towards characters from shows or other media. 

“My art style is special solely because there is not one like it,” Lindsey said. “I find that it is easy to tell stories through art via characters, so I often find myself drawing short comics or creating illustrations based on characters I love to draw.”

Often, artists will keep their art to themselves for their own enjoyment. But TikTok allows for these artists to be introduced into a community of others striving for the same goal and allows them to gain inspiration. 

“I had originally downloaded TikTok without the intent of posting,” Lindsey said. “I have been posting on TikTok for nearly a year now, though I have wanted to post my art ever since I began taking my art seriously.”

Along with TikTok, Lindsey also plans to compete in a few upcoming competitions. Last year she made it to regionals with two of her pieces. 

“This year, I’m planning to compete in the Academic Rodeo, VASE, and Boylan art contests,” Lindsey said. “This time around, I really want to aim for one of my pieces making it to state.”

Art is not just a hobby for Lindsey, but something she wants to carry into her career as she gets older. Her dream is to become an animator. 

“My dream is to be able to support myself with the art I create,” Lindsey said. “One of my many passions is cartoons and animation, and I hope to someday create my own animated kids show like ‘Gravity Falls’ or ‘The Owl House.’ ”

Lindsey’s passion and commitment to art have encouraged her to help aspiring artists.  

“My advice to beginner striving artists is this: draw, draw, draw as much as you can,” Lindsey said. “Find things that motivate you personally, and do not ever get discouraged to the point of giving up. Keep yourself motivated by creating what makes you happy. It may sound cliche, but it’s true.”

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