Tobias is teaching and helping kids learn at church.
Tobias is teaching and helping kids learn at church.
Photo Courtesy of Tobias Burks

Ready to Work

Students Balance School and Jobs

They diligently study for hours, juggling textbooks, notes, and laptops, all while checking their watches periodically. Time is of the essence for these students. as they must leave for their evening job in just a short while.

Students across the school are getting after school jobs in a variety of settings and experiences. These employment opportunities are selected by students depending on hours and income.

“ I work because I feel as if working a part time job at a young age can benefit me in the future having these experiences,” junior Kamdyn Bergbower said. “I also believe that this will help me understand the work aspect of life”.

Students get to learn new skills and opportunities at the different industries they work at. Many students, along with working jobs, are taking honors and AP classes to boost their resumes.

“What I like about my job at Collin Street Bakery is socializing with my coworkers and getting to know them more,” Bergbower said. “ I feel as if working and socializing keeps me busy throughout the week.”

The students work a variety of different hours at their jobs depending on their schedule, but often it is difficult to balance work and school.

“I work at Chick-fil-A in Lindale because when school gives me a lot of work and I get busy, my boss understands,” senior Connor McClendon said. “My boss is very understanding about my schedule with me being a high school student.”

McClendon trains new employees, and he chooses his schedule depending on his classes and extracurriculars. 

“ I usually work between 20-25 hours depending on how my schedule for the week goes,” junior Madi Gasser said. “I wanted to choose working at TXM  because it’s pretty easy with scheduling and it’s fun.

Students attend school for numerous hours in a year, only allotting 5,000 hours for both work, homework, and a personal life. Tutorials and homework hubs are offered for students who are struggling.

“My job at Grace Community Church does cause me trouble to balance school and work at times,” junior Tobias Burks said. “ Sundays are especially hard for me because when I get off work late I don’t have a lot of time to do homework.”

In high school, some teachers help accommodate students who work late by helping and giving time in class to do work. Students use this time to get ahead, so that it won’t affect school the next day and can still prioritize it while working.

“I would definitely say I prioritize school. It’s my higher standard in priority to things that I have to get done,” Burks said. “I would also try to get my boss to let me have the day off if I need to get something done.”

There are many programs that are offered here at the school in the Career and Technology program to help students get skills for future jobs. These classes students by getting them certifications.

“Grace Community Church gives me the ability to work with kids and have a one on one connection with them,” Burks said. “I also like being able to get to know each person personally.” 


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