Teen leadership

New class added to schedules this year


Photo by Shelby

A new teen leadership class has been added to the high school schedule this year. A total of 30 students have been enrolled during the 2014-2015 school year.

“Teen Leadership teaches the students a good first impression, and what a first impression is,” Teen Leadership teacher Craig McFarlin said. “They also learn about how to properly shake a hand and care about other people. They get to know how how do that, what it looks like, and how to be successful in a business environment.”

Teen Leadership is a business-based class that allows students to be prepared for the workforce after high school. It teaches its students how to deal with different types of problems and tasks that they are likely to experience later in life.

“It is helpful to the students because when they leave the class, they can go to an interview and succeed,” McFarlin said. “When they are sitting behind the desk as the CEO of a company, they will know how to be successful because of this class.”

Because it is a new class, it is only offered one period in a day. It is taught in room 131 during third period.

“Teen Leadership is a great class to be in for freshman,” freshman Brad Burckel said. “This class should stay on Lindale schedules. It should also be for more than just freshman, because it teaches you all about life that you should know.”

This class is designed to help students who are about to go out into the world of responsibility. It even teaches a student how to keep their morals and values while succeeding.

“I definitely believe students will benefit from this class,” freshman Mattison Payne said. “It teaches you how to take on life with all the essential tools necessary. High school is confusing and difficult, but Teen Leadership made making decisions a lot simpler. I believe future students will gain a lot from it.”