Students Compete at State VASE


Photo courtesy of Rebecca Harrison

Junior Laura Watters and senior Jaden Roquemore pose with their art pieces. They both competed at State VASE.

Andrea Hernandez, Managing Editor of News

Senior Jaden Roqumore and junior Laura Watters competed at the State Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE). Roquemore placed in the top 150 pieces in the State.

I am so very proud of both the students that competed,” art teacher Rebecca Harrison said. “This was the first time competing at VASE for both students and they absolutely deserved to advance and succeed at State.”

The students have a one-on-one interview with a juror and are scored based on their answers and their artwork. A four is the highest possible score and is considered for the Golden Medallion group which consists of the top 4 percent of pieces.

The work is all done in advance on the front end with the creation of the piece,” Watters said. “However, I did prepare for the judgment of my piece and the results that were out of my hands.”

Watters received a three, which is an honor at the state level. Roquemore received a four which put him in the top four percent of the pieces entered in the competition.

I was super excited that my piece even made it to state,” Watters said. “It was a lot, going through the process, and doing all the work and almost, but not quite, making it. The experience overall was great and really fun to be a part of.”