Cultural comprehension

Spanish teacher presents Peruvian culture to students

Photo by Kamryn Stacks

Photo by Kamryn Stacks

Spanish teacher Daniel Devisscher and his wife, Myra Devisscher, held a presentation December 10 about the culture of Peru for Spanish students in the lecture room.

“I was presenting about the history and culture of Peru and the Incas that lived in the Andes Mountains and inhabited areas like Machu Picchu and the world known ruins,” Devisscher said. “It’s an ancient culture, which has had a lot of influence in that country.”

His passion for Peru was sparked by his wife’s Peruvian ancestry. Her family feels the whole history of Peru and how the Incas were conquered by Spaniards is very important.

“I was trying to share something that is very important to me,” Devisscher said. “My wife is from Peru, so I was just trying to familiarize my students with another culture that find very interesting. It’s important to understand the people of Peru by understanding where they came from and their history.”

Students from Nancy Bernard’s Spanish classes joined Devisscher and his class to learn the information. The presentation went along with their learnings of Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

“The students were able to hear first hand experiences from Coach Devisscher, who went there with his family and from his wife, Myra, who was born in Peru,” Bernard said. “Myra was able to fill in information about her country and she spoke to the students in Spanish which was awesome.”

Many students went to the presentation throughout the day. The grade levels varied from sophomores to seniors. Different levels of Spanish students attended as well.

“I enjoyed it a lot,” senior Alissa Dearman said. “I learned a lot, and it was really interesting. It was really nice to see how passionate he was about the subject, and learn from someone who knew a lot about it and had been in the area.”