Drill Team To Perform at Spring Show


The Star Steppers perform at homecoming.

Paula Arantes, Staff Writer

The Lindale Star Steppers and Starlettes will perform in their spring show at the PAC on April 15. Entry fee will be $5 dollars and everyone is welcome to watch their performance

“Spring show is the end of our year,” drill team director Keri Pierce said. “It is a show that we work towards and look forward to all year.”

The show will begin at 6 p.m. with the opening number of a fun jazz routine. The theme of this year’s program is Star Stepper World Tour: A Rock and Roll Experience.

“We are excited to showcase the hard work from all the Star Stepper organizations,” assistant director Krista Mullican said. “Competition dances, special appearances, and memorable moments are just some of the aspects of what to expect.”

Their performance will include dances such as jazz, lyrical, and contemporary. This will be the first year where the drill team has their own name sign in the background.

“Senior year has been so fun,” senior captain Kerrigan Pierce said. “The memories I made this year are something that I will never forget.”

Spring Show is a traditional event that every drill team participates in during the spring semester of every school year. In this year’s show, the senior girls will perform a father and daughter dance.

“I have made so many memories with my friends while preparing for the partner dance,” junior officer Charlotte McConathy said. “Drill team is fun because I am always making new friends and new memories.”

The team learned the dances at line camp during the summer and began practicing them at the end of January. Senior girls will be honored for their years in the program.

“This year’s dance season was amazing,” Keri Pierce said. “I am so excited for these girls to get to perform and show off all they have accomplished this year.”