Students get creative in the kitchen

LHS opens new culinary program


Home Economics teacher Summer French has recently created a new Culinary Arts program that helps teach students who are seeking a career in the culinary arts. It also gives the cooking skills they would need to go work in the kitchen at restaurants.

“This year is the first year I’m teaching this,” French said. “It’s a culinary arts program instead of a home ec program so it’s more of a learning process for everyone.”

The new culinary program offered focuses on getting students ready for a career in culinary arts. It leans more on the fine dining side and prepares the students for a professional setting.

“It’s a good class to take because it’s one you will actually use,” student, Kelsey Crews said. “This is something you will definitely need later in life.

The real world class gives the student a certification to work at any restaurant. In addition to that, anyone taking the class is prepared for life and their own tasks at home.

“There are safety precautions like a science lab, but we have fun and we joke,” Crews said. “Its really laid back.”

Next year the program hopes to start a catering business to the clubs and the whole school. They then hope to move forward to having a restaurant in order to serve teachers and other employees.

“Right now the students are not cooking for anyone,” Mrs. French said. “But next year we hope to start all sorts of cool, new things.”