Phoenix Rise–Narrative [Contest 2023]

This is a narrative film made by the EagleVision film team and the theater and dance departments.

Director: Ben Soares

Script Director: Ireland Cornejo

Featuring Principal Dancer: Kerrigan Pierce

Faculty Advisers: Neda Morrow, Kari McKenzie, and Rebecca Harrison

Summary: A dancer set to tryout for a dance institute faces a setback and struggles with the aftermath. However, the power of friendship helps her rise from the ashes like a Phoenix. Featuring the fully licensed song “Phoenix Rise” from Vortex Music at Beatpick, as well as songs from the YouTube Audio library, including: Boardwalk by TrackTribe Doom is Mood Backwards by The Whole Other Born a Rockstar by Neffex Snowy Peaks by Chris Haegan Anxiety by Neffex

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