Anna Looney (9)
Anna Looney (9)
Anna Looney

Featured Faces: Anna Looney

Name: Anna Looney

Grade: 9th

Extracurriculars: Band, Art, Graphic Design

What I enjoy doing: I like writing fictional stories, sketching, singing

What makes me unique: In all honesty, I think that how deep I can be is unique about me. I like to speak my mind when possible, but I value lots of morals I’ve created and seen through my short few years of life.

Talents: I have a talent for writing, which I’ve been doing for around three years. I’m also an artist, and appreciate all of the fine arts.

Future plans: I would like to pursue a career in writing, and while doing so explore the world and the many people that live on it.

What’s on my TV: I enjoy watching anime because I love the art, and admire the way the animators used what they had to create such unique fictional worlds.

What I drive: I am currently unable to drive because of my age.

Favorite movies: My favorite genre is science fiction, specifically the sub genres dystopians and utopian. For example, The Hunger Games, Divergent, Mazerunner, etc.

Favorite music: I’m very much into anything with guitar, or string instruments. I appreciate classical music as well.

Favorite website or social media: I don’t have much social media, but I do go on YouTube from time to time.

Superstitions/Phobias: One of my biggest fears is of dying alone, which I don’t deserve anyone should die that way. Even if it was with the person that hated me the most in the whole world, being with someone in your final moments means so much.

Worst habit: Spiraling when I feel like something isn’t going to way I feel it should.

I would love to trade places for a day with: My best friend who lives in the Netherlands. It would cheer me up just to be with her family again, although I would miss seeing her.

First job: My first actual job that I got paid to do was setting up for my church. It doesn’t sound like much, but it takes up much of my weekend time.

Favorite meal: I really like tortellini soup because it reminds me of my childhood. It’s been my favorite ever since I was very little.

Favorite drink: I do tend to always go for tea. Hot or cold, I like both if available.

Talent I would most like to have: I would love to be better at public speaking. To be able to talk as if I’m not even nervous in the slightest.

Favorite celebrity: I really like R.L. Stine because he started writing when he was only ten. He’s who I look up to, and he’s the person I strive to be like when it comes to my writing career.

My hero: There are many people that I would consider one of my heroes. Jesus is my one true savior, but my best friend has also got me through hard times.

Hobbies or interests: I’m interested in art, writing, and editing(I forgot to mention earlier)

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