Featured Faces: Landen Gill


Landen Gill

Landen Gill (11)

Charlotte McConathy, Managing Editor

Name: Landen Gill

Grade: 11th

Extracurriculars: Stuco, Key Club, NHS, Beauty and the Beast play, and drill team.

What I enjoy doing: Going to church and hanging out with my friends.

What makes me unique: I have a very busy schedule but I still try my best to be kind and positive.

Talents: Dance and Theatre

Future plans: Go to TJC then transfer to UNT to major in criminal psychology.

What’s on my TV: Criminal minds, Bluey, and New Girl.

What I drive: 2010 Nissan Altima

Favorite movies: The Book of Life or any of the  Twilight movies- but especially the second one.

Favorite music: Christian and alternative 

Favorite website or social media: Instagram

Superstitions/Phobias: Gerontaphobia – fear of old people

Worst habit: None

I would love to trade places for a day with: Taylor Swift

First job: Docs Pizza

Favorite meal: Cheesy Roll-ups

Favorite drink: Sweet Tea

Talent I would most like to have: Acrobatics

Favorite celebrity: None

My hero: My sister, Brayden, because she is the most confident, caring person I know. She is smart and brave and incredibly faithful.

Hobbies or interests: Dance and Theatre