Opinion: Paula’s Top 10 World Cup Teams

Paula Arantes, Managing Editor of Features

There are a variety of sports out there that are popular in different places. Just like how Canadians love hockey, Brazil loves soccer. Every four years the biggest soccer tournament takes place that brings countries with different backgrounds together. As I watched this year’s tournament, I could not help but notice how different the teams are this year, so I made a list of my top 10 teams from the 2022 World Cup.

  1. Brazil

Brazil walked into the field hungry for victory. From their first game, Richarlison surprised everyone with his impressive techniques, like his beautiful bicycle kick. They were on top of their class which allowed them to advance groups with ease. However their ultimate downfall occurred against Croatia with a hard fought game. The teams ended up going into overtime then proceeded to go to penalty kicks. Brazil said goodbye to some of their essential players like Neymar Jr and Daniel Alves as well as their coach, Tite.

  1. France

France has made a comeback in this World Cup after they advanced all the way to finals. Their offense has drastically improved from previous years. Kylian Mbappe has led the way for France to advance in Qatar with five goals so far. Olivier Giroud has also led the way for France by tying with Messi with four goals. Additionally, France has a former soccer star who participated and won the World Cup in 1998, Didier Deschamps.

  1. Argentina

    Argentina, Brazil’s biggest rival, was almost cut from the World Cup in the pre-games, however they made a comeback that took everyone by surprise. They went from bottom all the way to finals by winning back their points. 


    Spain has a talent for creating opportunities to score. However, Alvaro Morata needed to keep his head in the game if they were to make it for the long run. Their techniques were complex compared to some teams listed, but they took did not take advantage of their chances and they did not end up making it

  1. Germany

    Germany has been a competitive player with a great desire for victory. They have been standing out since the previous World Cup from their massive against Brazil with the score of 7-1. However, their win might have gotten in their head which led them to have a shorter run than expected.

  1. Portugal

    Portugal has been widely known because of one of their best players, Christiano Ronaldo.  They check out all of the boxes from techniques all the way to individual skills, yet they lack confidence.

  1. Croatia

    Croatia is an underdog team that stays an underdog. They have never won a World Cup but always gets close to. Their win against Brazil gave them confidence yet they ended up losing against Argentina, in the semifinals.

  1. Netherlands

    Netherlands’ run came to an end after a long battle against Argentina in the quarter finals. They defended close calls against Argentina but their run came to an ultimate end at the penalty kicks. 


  1. South Korea

    South Korea had a long run in the but their run ended against Brazil. They fought a difficult battle, even with injured players. They did not give up when the odds were not at their favor and their fierceness became their motivation.


  1. Mexico

    Mexico’s goalkeeper, Guillermo Ochoa, is the best goalkeeper Mexico has ever had. He is like a wall that blocks points from being made. His fierceness motivates his teammates and the fans to keep on going even when the game turns sour.