Carols For The Holidays


Andrea Hernandez

Juniors Henrique Arantes, Cole Williams, and Kaden Strickland practice their carols in Spanish II. The students will go class to class to perform their carols on Friday

Andrea Hernandez, Staff Writer

Spanish I and II and ASL I classes will sing Christmas carols on Friday to different classrooms around the school. The students will sing the carols in the language that their class is learning.

“We like to go around caroling because everyone knows the English carols, but the other students don’t know the Spanish carols,” Spanish teacher Daniel Devisscher said. “It gives a new perspective and introduces others to the foreign language.”

Sign language teacher Amy Thompson and Spanish teachers Devisscher, Hector Arzola, and Annie Streich will participate in caroling around the school. Teachers were able to sign up for the students to go sing in their class.

“I like learning carols in Spanish because it lets me see how other cultures express their Christmas spirit,” sophomore Braeden Morgan said. “I know all the carols in English so learning it in Spanish will help me make some connections with the words.”

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