Band Wins State for Third Time In a Row


Bethany Major

The announcer calls band for first place.

Christian Wynne, Assistant Editor

     The band competed and won first place at the Class 4A UIL Military Marching Band State Competition held at Baylor stadium Nov 1. 

     They placed first during the preliminary round and then again during finals, becoming state champions for third time in a row.

     “The hard work and long hours throughout the year were all worth it when our name was announced last, making us the state champions,” senior and head drum major Kaitlyn Groth said. “Having them put 3 medals around our necks are memories I will never forget.

     The band starts practicing for UIL during late July. The directors create a drill routine and music that they then teach the band. They practice the drill during Friday night foot games as well as a few practice tournaments with other marching bands.

     “During summer band, we practice basic fundamentals that are needed to learn more complicated moves,” senior Trinity Boaz said. “Once we have the basics down, it makes it a lot easier to apply fundamentals to longer, more difficult drills.”

     Usually, the state level competition would only be held every two years, however, due to recent changes, the competition will be held annually.

     “I’m really glad that we get the opportunity to compete at state every year now,” junior Zoe Bozick said. “I’m just really looking forward to next year and try to win state four years in a row.”