ASL Students Create Projects for Deaf Awareness Month

Sophomores Irelynn McWithey, Alyssa Estes, and Josie Roach working on their project. “Three ways to celebrate deaf culture awareness month is to learn basic sign language, learn about deaf culture, not to treat deaf people differently.” Josie Roach said.

Kanyon Ridge, Staff Writer

Sign Language I and II classes recently created projects to celebrate Deaf Awareness Month. This is recognized in September and used to bring attention to the language, culture, and diversity of the deaf community. 

“Our classroom celebrates Deaf Awareness Month by making different projects that the students have to choose for themselves,” ASL teacher Amy Thompson said. “We get to learn more about deaf culture, understand the importance of facial and body expressions, and the acceptance of the community.”

Sophomores Josie Roach, Irelynn McWhithey, and Alyssa Estes made bracelets in the color blue for the deaf community. The blue is a symbol of sign language and how the deaf community cherishes their language.

“We made bracelets because everybody wears bracelets,” Roach said. “Most of them have the acronym ‘DCAM’ which stands for Deaf Culture Awareness Month.” 

Sophomores Camden Lambert, Holden Evans, Carson Shipman, Reid Campbell, and Jaxson Guantt made a poster over cochlear implant pros and cons and controversies. Students made t-shirt designs, posters, and bracelets to show their appreciation to the deaf community.

“My brother is deaf, so I did my project over cochlear implants because I had previous knowledge of it,” Lambert said. 

Sophomores Shelby Morrow and Breanna Taylor made a paper informing others on audism, and the prejudice towards hard of hearing and deaf people. Along with a poster students had to write an essay of their choice to inform others on different parts of deaf culture.

“We celebrate deaf culture to raise awareness about the language, culture, and diversity of the deaf community,” Estes said.