Flippin’ for the win


Blindingly bright lights shine from all directions, and parents and other family members sit in the stands applauding their favorite teams. The athletes stand in their positions with their game faces on, patiently awaiting for their time to start. After what seems like forever, the music starts and the crowd goes wild.

Junior Taylor Farnham is in training for his competitive cheer team’s upcoming competition season this November.

“I like doing what I do,” Farnham said. “Little kids look up to me, and I hope to go somewhere with it eventually.”

Farnham has been participating in a competitive cheer program for over two years now and is currently cheering for the East Texas Twisters. He incorporates tumbling and gymnastics.

“He loves tumbling and cheering more than anything else,” Quitman student and close friend Faith Fitch said. “Every time we are together he’s constantly tumbling and trying to help me out on mine.”

Although he hasn’t been cheering and tumbling for very long, he has mastered many skills, including being involved in many things at once. Farnham also participates in track and competes in pole vault and has competed in other sports in the past including football.

“Taylor is the kind of person who will be very successful because he takes care of his business,” engineering teacher Brent Berryman said. “He is always helping others and of course he is not scared to take on new challenges.”