New Drum Majors Take The Stands

     The band will perform their first halftime performance for the year Friday at Kaufman High School stadium. They will be led with three new drum majors, sophomore Sarah Christian, senior Lauren Van Andel, and senior Gracie Voyles as well as two returning drum majors, senior Christiana Ussery, and senior Kaitlyn Groth.

     “I am very excited and optimistic about the upcoming season,” band director Steven Moore said. “The band has a great attitude and is working very hard.  The team of drum majors are outstanding. These young ladies exemplify servant leadership.  I look forward to the things they can accomplish.”

     In order to become a drum major, one must learn and memorize a marching drill, mace maneuvers, and learn how to conduct. Then, they perform the drill in front of judges.

     “I am so excited for the new drum majors to be a part of our team,” Ussery said. “Being a drum major takes a lot of responsibility and time; however, I have seen these girls time and time again give up their time to serve others and step into that position of leadership. I am so proud to be working with all of the girls on this team this year and I can’t wait to help each other throughout this coming marching season.

     After the audition process, the drum majors attended a summer camp at SFA. The camp taught them how to improve their discipline, leadership skills, and marching techniques.

     “SFA was honestly really hard on us,” Voyles said. “However, it truly helped me refresh everything and get all my movements set in stone.”

     The band will  compete for state again this year in an attempt to maintain their state championship status. They have won the 4A State Military Marching Championship the past two years.

     “I am really excited for the football season and the military marching state competition,” Christian said. “I know State will be really stressful, but I love going to those competitions and being proud of what we did on the field.”