Local Churches Host New Teacher Breakfast and Lunch

New teachers eat breakfast at the Methodist church. Admin from each school in the district joined them.

Charlotte McConathy, Managing Editor

Two Lindale churches welcomed new teachers to the district on Tuesday. The First Methodist Church hosted a breakfast and the First Baptist church hosted lunch to welcome new teachers to the district and community.

“I’m always excited about new teachers because it always gives us a new energy on campus,” Principal Jeremy Chilek said. “It gives you a renewed sense of what you’re doing and what you’re doing for the kids.”

New staff members were introduced to other new employees and administrators. Teachers them went back to their schools to participate in professional development.

“I’m super excited about being at EJ Moss and having fourth graders this year,”  teacher Lincy Schilling said.  “I’m also glad I am still able to work with the drill team and those fabulous ladies this year.”