The yearbook staff works on the yearbook after school.
The yearbook staff works on the yearbook after school.
Christian Wynne

Yearbook In The Process Of Making Memories

Laughter fills the room as students walk into an empty classroom. Hours later, papers litter the floor. Chattering slows. They are locked into the edits that have to be done to complete the 2022 yearbook.

“I am so proud of all the hard work yearbook has done this year,” sponsor Neda Morrow said. “They go to so many events taking pictures, and they come in during and after school to work on their spreads.  They truly care about preserving the memories of the student body and maintaining  the legacy of Lindale for others to enjoy in the future.”

To start the year, the yearbook staff attends a summer camp every year to plan for the upcoming year. This is where they choose the yearbook theme, title, and participate in team bonding activities to grow closer as friends. 

Yearbook camp was a fun and exciting way to get to know all the babies and bond with them,” senior Jesila Miller said. “I also really enjoyed the instructor who talked to us about design. We got a lot of ideas from her and she helped us all feel more prepared for the new year.

Once the staff picks a theme for the yearbook, they then assign different spreads to different people. The spreads vary from sports, to academics, to senior ads.

My favorite spread that I have made this year is the volleyball spread,” senior Vivian Lehmann said. “I personally took a lot of good photos on that spread, if I do say so myself. I also felt that the design of that spread, especially the modules, was just better than a lot of the ones I have done before.

In order to get pictures for their spreads, the yearbook and newspaper staff must take them. They go to almost every school event taking pictures and interviewing people for the book.

“Making the yearbook is certainly not quick,” senior Lian Boone said. “We are constantly trying to get new content to add so we can include as many students as possible. We often spend days off and weekends to take pictures needed for the yearbook.” 

After the yearbook is finished, the spreads are sent to Balfour printing where they are turned into high quality books. They are then delivered around the third week of August where they are passed out to students who bought them. Then, the process starts all over.

“I love being able to give out the yearbooks,” sophomore Brooklyn Lamb said. “We get to show the school all of our hard work that we have done throughout the year.”

Next year, juniors Kailee Huston and Reeci Morgan will be next year’s editor-in chiefs. They will be the ones who take charge in designing the yearbook.

“Being editor in chief is a big role to fill, and I am really excited to be able to have the opportunity to be in this part,” Huston said. “I am really looking forward to what next year has to hold.”

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