Swinging for the win

Local debaters earn points toward state


The Lindale Speech and Debate competed at the Hallsville/Van Swing tournament in Hallsville on August 29-30. A “swing” tournament means that there are two separate tournaments going on each weekend.

On Friday (at the Hallsville half), Lindale placed 1st and 2nd in Policy Debate. Alec Ramsey (’16) and Jonas Thrasher-Evers (’17) took first and Cody Gustafson (’15) and Barron Wolter (’15) took second.

On Saturday (at the Van half), Lindale placed 2nd in Policy Debate with the team of Cody Gustafson and Barron Wolter repeating their spot from Friday.

Cody and Barron now have 8 of 12 points for TFA State Qualification. Alec and Jonas have 6 of 12 points.