Band Performs at Solo and Ensemble


Photo by Henrique Arantes

Senior Kamryn Brooks, Junior Jozlynn Bielitz, and Sophomore Angelina Jansen practice their music.

Henrique Arantes, Assistant Sports Officer in Training

  Band students performed at the solo and ensemble contest this past Friday and Saturday at the high school. Many students received medals and advanced to state.

I think [solo and ensemble] is one of the driving forces behind our band program,” band director Weston Fisher said. “Solo and Ensemble is the top way we reach each individual student and get them doing more and playing more.  It helps to really develop the individual player, which in all helps the band.”

The band received 234 total medals with 25 events going to state. Overall, 56 students in 15 solos and 10 ensembles are advancing.

The events I performed in were medium ensemble, small ensemble, and a solo, and we did really well on all of them,” sophomore Zoe Bozick said. “For all events I got a class one rating, which took my small ensemble to state.”

The students started preparing for the contest before Christmas break. They would receive lessons from band directors over their music, and they would spend their individual time with the music.

I think that the event really helps people reach their full potential in their music playing skills,” sophomore Kaden Strickland said. “After so much practice and preparation for this event, the students from all over finally get rewarded for their hard work.”

For the contest, students played for different judges, and their scores ranged from a one to a five. The worst score being a five and the best score being a one.

“All of the judges were extremely nice and presented their reasoning for the rating given,” Bozick said. “They all were extremely polite and nice to all students.”