New Yoga Class Begins Tuesdays


Photo by Prasanth Inturi from Pexels

A women does yoga during a sunset.

Andrew Velarde, Managing Editor of Videography and Photography

A beginner yoga class will be held in room 128 every Tuesday from 3:45 to 4:45 p.m. starting Jan. 18. The yoga class is a part of the Grant for Great Ideas program.

“The main purpose of the yoga class is to help and teach students different ways to better themselves,” therapist and sponsor Alison McGinnis said. “Yoga not only helps students release tension, but also academic performance.”

Students will be provided yoga supplies, including mats, blocks, and straps through the grant. The class is meant to help students relieve stress and relax.

“The class has been a fun experience,” junior Brady Allen said. “This has been a great way to destress and a fun opportunity to hang out with friends.”

For now, the class is invite only, and if you are interested fill out this form or contact McGinnis at [email protected]. There is only one yoga instructor so the amount of available room is limited.

“Overall, I am ready to see what this yoga class helps students accomplish through the year,” McGinnis said. “I am excited to see a new level of reduced anxiety and stress in their lives.”