Students Participate in Young Cadets Police Explorer Program


Photo by Evelyn Sanchez

Juniors Trinity Boaz, Gwen May, and Cyrus Barron pose for a picture. They are all a part of the Tyler Police Explorer program.

Andrew Velarde and Christian Wynne

Christian Wynne and Andrew Velarde

    Soapy water rushes off the window as sponges slide against the black metal of the car in circular motions. People laugh as they are being sprayed by water by their peers. Feet stomp down as socks squish with water pouring out. Junior Trinity Boaz, junior Evelyn Sanchez, junior Cyrus Barron, and junior Gwen May laugh and smile as they get soaked with water at the Tyler Police Explorer car wash.

Boaz, Sanchez, Barron, and May are all a part of the young cadets program that trains people to enter the law enforcement field. 

“”I am very proud of these four students and their dedication to the CADETS program,” Principal Jeremy Chilek said.   “These are all outstanding students at LHS and to know they are pursuing an opportunity in law enforcement is rewarding for all of us.” 

 The program teaches self discipline, self defense, and the principles of conduct for becoming a police officer.

“People are not wanting to go into the police field anymore,” May said. So, they try to train younger people so that we can have a great foundation at a young age to join the police force.”

The program is accessible to anyone from ages 14 to 21. The cut off is 21 because then the person can become a legal police officer. The cadet program only continues throughout the school year.

“During COVID, back when it was really bad, we didn’t do a lot of inside stuff,” Barron said. “We did a lot of outside practical training and to me that was the most fun part of the program.”

The cadets take part in activities such as controlling traffic, washing cars, and helping out in charity events. The program meets every Thursday from 6:30-8:30 with other officers.

“Doing everything with friends at school makes it a lot more fun,”Sanchez said. “If there wasn’t someone I knew there, I probably would be a lot more reserved and wouldn’t enjoy it as much.”

Sanchez, May, and Barron all plan on becoming a police officer. Boaz plans on going into the navy as a naval officer.

“I am really interested in becoming a police officer,” Boaz said. “Law enforcement is the coolest thing to me. I love helping people out and being able to protect people I love.”