Schlessmans christmas tree filled with students ornaments. This tree is from this year.
Schlessman’s christmas tree filled with student’s ornaments. This tree is from this year.
Jaida Jones

Students Create Ornaments for English Classroom

Sophomores and juniors in Kristin Schlessman’s English classes will make ornaments that will be displayed in the classroom throughout the month of Dec. The ornaments are symbolic representations of themselves.

“I like when students take control of things and get excited and creative,” teacher Schlessman said. “I hope that they find interesting ways to show themselves and their personalities through objects”

Students can use anything to represent themselves such as tennis balls, fishing baits, or bricks. The project is for extra credit.

This is a nice way to help me and other students improve our grades in class,” sophomore Landen Gill said. “This project allows me to show my creative side to everyone in a fun way. I’m really excited to get my ornament made and show everyone who looks at her tree.”

After students create their ornaments they must write a short description of the object and how it represents them as a person. This will be submitted to Schlessman for their grade by the 15th.

“I think it’s a really cool form of self expression,” junior Brady Allen said. “I enjoy being able to express myself in the English classroom.”

If students do not celebrate Christmas, they can create a symbolic object that can be displayed around the room. This allows students of different religions to showcase themselves during this time.

“I think it’s fun for students to feel like they have a voice and that they are represented in the classroom,” Schlessman said. “It also helps make my Christmas tree look really pretty.”

This project has been done yearly by Schlessman as a way to get students excited for the holiday season. 

“I think that just the fact that they have an object that they can put on the christmas tree that everybody gets to see gets them excited,” Schlessman said. “A lot of them go really big. I usually even have fights on who’s going to do the topper.”

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    Jaida JonesJan 12, 2022 at 10:21 am

    Honestly, this story was amazing. GOOD JOB!

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