Crazy For Canned Food

The Lindale Student Council Held a Canned Food Drive


Poster Provided By: Student Council

This is the poster for the event and information can be found here.

Jaxson Buttram, Staff Writer

Student Council held a canned food drive that ended Nov. 11. All the food will go to families in the Lindale area who are in need.

“We love doing the food drive,” Student Council Co-President Landrie Hay said. “We get to give food to the people that do not always get to have food in their house.”

Student Council holds this event every year. Students bring food such as beans, ramen, and anything that is non-perishable to their third period class to try and win a third period party. First place gets an ice cream party, second gets a cupcake party, and third period gets a cookie party. Science teacher Katy Lyles’s class won the competition.

“The canned food drive is just a great way for our kids to participate in something that is going to help our community,” Lyles said. “It’s fun to get all the classes involved and see it as a little bit of a competition and it’s just a really fun way to give back to the community.”