Blu Raises Money For Citrus Bowl Trip


Val Adams

Blu gets excited for the game against Gilmer.

Maddi Farmer, Staff Writer

After receiving an All American Award this summer, junior Savannah Warrington is raising money to travel to Orlando, Florida on Jan. 1 to perform in the Citrus Bowl. For the fundraiser, she is selling vinyl car decals for five dollars each. 

“I am so thankful for this opportunity,” Warrington said. “I hope that as Lindale’s first All American mascot, I can make us proud.”

The car decals she sells have had success due to the durability and popular design. Students can buy them for cars, water bottles, coolers, and  any other flat surface. 

“I’m so proud of Savannah’s accomplishments as a new All American Eagle,” freshman Paula Arantes said. “I’m so happy to support her in her goal to get to the Citrus Bowl.”

Only the top 10% of mascots who participate in Universal Cheerleaders Association and National Cheerleaders Association summer camps earn this opportunity to perform in the festival. As one of these winners, Savannah is working with volleyball coach Christy Bateman and her mother Amanda Warrington to work towards her goal of $3,000.

“This is a great opportunity for Savannah to be able to go and represent our school at this event,” Amanda Warrington said. “She has worked so hard to bring life to our Eagle Mascot, and I am extremely proud of her for going above and beyond in everything she does.”

 Warrington has been a mascot for two years, and because of this award, she and her family have the opportunity to spend New Year’s in Orlando. 

“We were really excited at camp when she was awarded the All American mascot award at the end of camp,” Bateman said. “She is the very first Lindale mascot to ever get this award, and I’m excited that she’s representing Lindale high school at this capacity.”