Community Volunteer Receives Recognition From State Magazine


Photo by: Olivia Harwell

Community leader Larry Wilson poses with the cheerleaders as he accepts his award. Wilson received his award after first quarter during the football game on Sept. 17.

Jaida Jones, Editor-In-Chief

Community volunteer Larry Wilson was recognized as Dave Campbell’s ‘Community Connector’ by Suddenlink during the first quarter of the Sept. 17 football game. This award is used to spotlight community leaders in schools all over the state.

“All of that stuff is fun, fulfilling, and very challenging,” Wilson said. “Honestly it gives me a good feeling inside when I see the results of the things I’ve worked on.” 

During the high school football season, Suddenlink partnered with Dave Campbell’s Texas Football to award individuals who are making a difference in Texas communities. Lindale was one of 15 schools in the state awarded with the Community Connection and Community Connector award. Wilson was awarded with a commemorative football and $250 will be donated to the athletic program.

“We are very excited that Mr. Wilson won this award because of his many, many contributions to the community,” teacher Neda Morrow said.  “He is always showing that he is a service-minded individual. I can not think of anyone in Lindale who does more for the community.”

Wilson got his start volunteering with the Cub Scouts, who he still helps today. Wilson also volunteers at the First United Methodist Church (FUMC), the David Powell Community Food Pantry, and more. 

“It’s a very caring thing to do,” sophomore Landen Gill said. “He makes me feel welcomed and safe in the community.”

Another way Wilson helps out the community is through his photos. By taking pictures at events all over Lindale, he is able to share these captured moments with the community through social media.

“In shooting photos I’ve captured a lot of moments that have been a blessing to others,” Wilson said.  “That, in turn, blesses me.”

As a Christian concert promoter, Wilson made a website, designed and printed tickets, and did online ticket sales. At one of these concerts he shot photos of young Katy Perry that were later published in Rolling Stone magazine.

“When I got the call from Dave Campbell’s representative I was speechless, shocked, happy, embarrassed, and at a loss for words,” Wilson said. “By sharing some simple things I’ve done, showing others how easy it is to step up, and do a small thing by just sacrificing a little personal time,  I hope to open others eyes to how easy it is to be a blessing.”