Featured Faces: Lila Landers

Marlee Sorrells, Editor-in-Chief

Name: Lila Landers

Grade: 10th

Extracurriculars: Theater and Choir

What I enjoy doing: I love singing, reading, writing, different art forms, and watching tv.

What makes me unique: I love to write and I’m actually writing a book that I’m hoping to publish my senior year.

Talents: Singing and creative writing

Future plans: I plan to travel all around the world talking to people about all their life, religion, and how they grew up. After, I want to settle down somewhere with a nice farmers market and take up beekeeping.

What’s on my TV: Children’s cartoons, anime, and lots of podcasts

Favorite movies: Earth to Echo

Favorite music: Alternative, indie, classic rock, and punk rock

Favorite website or social media: I’m gonna be honest, TikTok.

Superstitions/Phobias: I hold my breath as I pass a graveyard, always throw spilled spices over my left shoulder, and don’t step on cracks.

Worst habit: Biting my lips

I would love to trade places for a day with: Maybe a past life of mine. That would be cool.

First job: Subway

Favorite meal: Mashed potatoes and gravy

Favorite drink: Cream soda and apple juice

Talent I would most like to have: To draw realism

Favorite celebrity: Tom Hiddleston

My hero: My mom

Hobbies or interests: I like to sew, crochet, draw, and write.