Featured Faces: Alandria Jones

Marlee Sorrells, Editor-in-Chief

Name: Alandria Jones

Grade: 10th

What I enjoy doing: Barrel racing, volleyball, softball

What makes me unique: My friends are there for me when I’m at my lowest they make me have an amazing day and my parents they always help me with anything I need when I don’t understand something my mom helps me

Talents: Barrel racing

Future plans: To go off to college and become whatever I can do

What’s on my TV: Netflix (The Vampire Diaries)

What I drive: Dodge Ram

Favorite music: Country

Favorite website or social media: Snapchat and tiktok

Superstitions/Phobias: People chewing with their mouth open

Worst habit: Picking my nails

I would love to trade places for a day with: Mrs. Morrow

First job: Babysitting

Favorite meal: Steak and a baked potato

Favorite drink: Apple juice or Dr. Pepper

Talent I would most like to have: Juggling

Favorite celebrity: The Rock

My hero: My stepdad

Hobbies or interests: Painting, volleyball, and softball