Health Science Class Completes Cartoon Skeletal System Model


Photo by Christian Wynne

Student’s drawing of sid’s skeleton.

Christian Wynne, Assistant Editor

The health science classes have completed mapping models of the skeletal system that will be posted in the CTE hallway. 

“This year has been really fun,” CTE instructor Nicole Hone said. “We have been working on learning the skeletal system and drawing bones on a cartoon character.” 

The project will help students identify names and placements of 26 bones in the skeletal system. The system will be mapped onto a cartoon of the student’s choice as if it were a human body.

“My group mapped the skeletal system onto Squidward,” junior Yoselyn Salmeron said. “It was a blast because I love hands-on work, and I feel like I learned a lot better that way.”

This project is designed to help students  learn how the body works and the significance of how everything is constantly working together.

“I’m super excited for this class to continue throughout the year and [to] learn more about the human body,” sophomore Anayi Gonzalez said.

The hands-on learning experience helps the students memorize large amounts of information. It also allows the information to be retained and called back to memory later.

“Seeing all the projects in the hallway makes me feel good about what I can accomplish in this class,” sophomore Destiny Sanders said.