A flyer for the Chick-fil-A leadership academy.
A flyer for the Chick-fil-A leadership academy.
Photo Provided By Chick-fil-A leadership academy

Chick-fil-A Academy Holds Leadership Opportunity for Students

The Chick-fil-A Academy, designed to help juniors and seniors develop leadership skills, closes  their application process on September 11.  Selected students will attend a kick-off meeting on September 22 on campus during all three lunches.

“I think any time a student can learn to be a leader it’s going to help them be more successful in the world,” CTE instructor Jennifer King said. “I think it’s a great opportunity for our juniors and seniors as they prepare to launch into the real world or launch into college. I think it will give them a different skill set than what they get in normal classes.”

Applications are available in the office with the program being only open to around 10 to 15 students. The application requires a 70 or above in all classes, good attendance throughout the school year, and students must remain below step seven.

“This is a great opportunity that we need to take advantage of,” assistant principal Melisa Dukes said. “We have some terrific kids who have great and brilliant ideas and this allows them to go and run with it.”

Chick-fil-A contacted the school and provided the curriculum for the leadership camp. During the kick-off meeting students will plan for the year and be served free food.

“Chick-fil-a has a passion for growing leaders,” King said. “After they had contacted us Mrs.Dukes and I were very excited to start this process which would help benefit students’ futures.”

The academy will hold meetings every Tuesday of the month at 7 a.m. in King’s class in room 109. The program will work on three different service projects throughout the year  in September, December and in the spring of 2022. 

“The other thing I like about it is really just the students being able to guide themselves with us just facilitating it,” Dukes said. “I am excited about what this year is going to hold and what they bring to the table through acting in the community.”

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