Featured Artist: Colton Delafield


Colton Delafield’s art.

“This is an original character that I originally made to sculpt, I’m currently working on it. The idea behind it was to make a character that I could sculpt so that I could give sculpting a try, so I took a piece of aluminum foil that I had lying around and stared at it and that’s when I saw ihis face. After I drew out the face I then kept building from there all the way from the horns, ears, and neck down to his armored feet. It was slow because I waited for designs and ideas to put onto this character to add on and ended with a dragon goblin mix or something. I really enjoyed drawing out this character and this is some of my best work, especially since I didn’t think I could do this kind of shading because I’ve never done it before and if only watched others do it.”