UIL Heads to State After Big Regionals Win



The UIL academic teams succeed at districts. They also did well at regionals and have multipple going to state

Kylie Hester, Co-Editor-in-Chief

      The UIL academic teams competed Saturday, April 17 at the regionals competition. Multiple students qualified for state and Lindale received first overall with many individual and team medals.

           I am just so unbelievably proud of our coaches and students,” UIL coordinator Rory McKenzie said. “Lindale has not had a regionals like this in quite some time.  This year has been a beatdown in so many ways and it is just so hopeful to see how our students and teachers are responding.”

      In Region 2, Lindale came out with 366 points. The second place school, Spring Hill, earned 174 points.

     “I am very eager to be competing at the state competition,” senior Ferris Turney. “Mine and my team’s hard work will hopefully pay off, and I’m very hopeful for our academic teams.”

     In Region 1, Argyle was first with 546 points, in Region 3, Salado with 281, and in Region 4, Needville with 246 points. They will all compete with Lindale at the state meet, which is being held at 26 different hubs around the state on May 1.

I’m hopeful that we will put our best effort towards an overall state championship,” McKenzie said. “Our coaches and students are hungry.”

Regional Results:


1st Current Events Team (Zach Jones, Aden Ramsey, Gavin James, Jakob Davenport)

4th Current Events – Zach Jones

1st Computer Applications – Zach Jones

5th Computer Applications – Kaylee Kelley

5th Spelling – Abigail Alexandris

1st Copy Editing – Vivi Lehman

2nd Computer Science Team (Blake Reeves, Noah Sullivan, Kamryn Brooks, Rex Day)

3rd Computer Science – Blake Reeves

2nd Editorial Writing – Vivi Lehman

2nd Feature Writing – Vivi Lehman

5th Feature Writing – Lian Boone

2nd Headline Writing – Jesika Miller

6th Headline Writing – Caroline Phillips

1st Informative Speaking – Josh Smith

2nd Informative Speaking – Zach Jones

3rd Informative Speaking – Aryan Patel

1st LD Debate – Phoenix Pittman

3rd LD Debate – Gunner Brown

2nd Literary Criticism Team (Emily Weberski, Sydney Toon, Marc Ross)

3rd Literary Criticism – Emily Weberski

4th Literary Criticism – Sydney Toon

1st Journalism Team (John Park, Marlee Sorrells, Kylie Hester, Caroline Phillips, Lian Boone, Vivi Lehmann, Jesika Miller)

1st News Writing – John Park

2nd News Writing – Kylie Hester

5th News Writing – Marlee Sorrells

2nd Persuasive – Gavin James

3rd Prose – Halle Lambert

5th Poetry – Aaralyn Nilson

1st Science Team (Braden Heizer, Ferris Turney, Andre Samaraweera, Troy Dane)

1st Science – Braden Heizer

2nd Science – Ferris Turney

5th Science – Andre Samaraweera

1st Biology – Ferris Turney

2nd Biology – Braden Heizer

1st Chemistry – Braden Heizer

3rd Chemistry – Ferris Turney

1st Physics – Ferris Turney

2nd Physics – Braden Heizer

2nd Social Studies Team (Koby Kleam, Abby Alexandris, Jeffrey Ptak, Ben Watters)

2nd Social Studies – Koby Kleam

2nd Spelling Team (Abigail Alexandris, Alyssa Starkey, Kylie Kleam, Lauren Van Andel)

1st Speech Team

1st Overall Academics