Bizarre Bigfoot Experience

Staff Member Remembers Family’s Run In With Bigfoot


Photo By Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

After the incident Bigfoot has become a running gag in the Phillips family. The BFRO continues to investigate the area where it happened.

Caroline Phillips , Assistant Editor of Sports, Social Officer

Bigfoot,–a long running gag in my family that goes years back. There really is not a rational explanation to what happened to my mom those years ago, but even now the Bigfoot Research Organization (BFRO) will tell you that our old house is the prime spot for activity.
It started in 2008 when my mom was walking down our long driveway for the simple task of grabbing the mail. I was happily playing with my toys in my room when my mother came back in. She seemed rather bewildered, so I asked her what was wrong. She then held out one of those pretty, red iron ore rocks and placed it into my hand. Then, she began to spin her yarn and the story unravelled.
As my mom was walking up the driveway, she had been hit by a rock–the one she had later placed into my hand. There was even a large bruise on her thigh only revealing the force of the inhumane throw. She said it felt like a toss from the side. Shortly after the throw, the neighbor’s horses ran up to our side of the fence and began whinnying in worry. My mom glanced over at their unusual behavior, and that was when the rock hit her. She grabbed it and continued walking forward now with a cloud of confusion looming over her. As she continued to walk she picked a few of the nice, ripe persimmons from the tree. Then she gathered the mail and began to trek back to the house, rock still in hand. She then went to grab a few more handfuls of persimmons, but now multiple of them had been bitten through and scattered across the grass. Just behind the tree, there was a giant urine marking from whatever we assumed to have eaten the fresh persimmons. Our Weimeraner at the time went over and sniffed. The same dog who was never afraid of snakes, coyotes, and cougars whimpered and cowered behind my mother after investigating the scent.
After her recount of the event, my brother and I followed her to investigate. Sure enough the evidence was plain as day. There was a urine stain, the rock did not match those in our driveway, and the eaten persimmons lay scattered upon the ground. Say what you want about Bigfoot, but our family experienced something inhuman that day. Many cryptozoologists have since studied the area and claim it as a communication hub for creatures such as Bigfoot. I can firmly say that I can not be certain of what exists out there, but I would not rule out the possibility that there could be a beast out there such as Bigfoot.