Engineering Students Create Rockets


by Conner Belcher

One of the rockets made by a student prepares to launch. Mrs. Covington’s engineering class created and launched rockets on March 4th

Zach Jones, Assistant Editor of Sports and Copy

Recently, the engineering class launched their own rockets outside the school. Students learned techniques of 3D modelling and geometry to help create their own personal rockets.

“The rocket project is a fun, hands-on activity that gives students practice in reading and following detailed instructions, creating a multi-step construction process,” engineering teacher Emily Covington said. “It offers students a chance to think about the parts that make up a rocket.”

Students modeled their rockets in the 3D modeling program Autodesk Inventor. The students were required to take their own measurements using rulers and calipers and scale them for the program.

“I very much enjoyed the hands-on learning I got with engineering,” senior Ferris Turney said. “It very much helped me both understand and further enjoy the process of engineering and taking a project from an idea to a physical object.”

The final part of the project, the launch, required hands-on creation of the rocket inside the engineering class. Students translated the work done on the computer to real life using cardboard, paper, string, and plastic.

“The best part comes at the end when the weather finally warms up and launching the rockets is the reward for all the hard work that went into building and modeling,” Covington said. “I think the students enjoyed the rocket project – because of the hands-on aspect and the eventual launch.”