District Pipes Burst During Winter Storms

Zach Jones, Assistant Editor of Sports and Copy

Amidst the winter storms in February water pipes burst at EJ Moss, the Administration building, the LHS Vocational Building,  and Eagle Stadium. Thanks to the work of LHS staff schools quickly mobilized to resolve the issue, and will continue rebuilding efforts throughout the spring semester.

“Unfortunately, the arctic storm was one for the record books and there was no way to prevent some of the issues,” Deputy Superintendent Jamie Holder said. “We were able to get in touch with several members of our great maintenance department (Ed Rienhardt, Joe Hayley, David Wylie) and they braved the icy road conditions and helped get the water turned off with the help of several City of Lindale employees, the Lindale Police Department and Constable Jeff McClenny.”

Due to the burst water pipes teachers were forced to relocate to alternate classrooms as clean-up crews worked to restore the damage. Campuses came together to provide resources to EJ Moss and damaged buildings amid the storms.

“Our Principal, Mrs. Widemon, and I met with Mr. Holder, examined the damage, and began to devise a plan for our classrooms to be relocated to alternative settings until damage is repaired,” EJ Moss assistant principal David French said. “One of the many great things about LISD, is that when bad things happen, we all come together as a family.”

Throughout the winter storm, staff walked the buildings each day to survey any external damage as the storm continued. The burst at the Ag Shop was discovered on February 14 and due to quick action, water was quickly turned off throughout Lindale High School.

“Mr. Holder contacted our maintenance director, Ed Rinehart, and they were able to turn the water off to the building,” high school principal Jeremy Chilek said. “Mr. Wright and I had walked our building on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week, and our campus was fine each day.”