Personal Reflection: Growing Up as a Pastor’s Kid


Andrew Velarde, Managing Editor of Videography and Photography

     From waking up early on Sundays even though it is difficult, to staying long after the service ends. Going to church at random hours of the week for meetings while also going to every single event our church has. Hearing my Dad preach at 1 in the morning, or even eating dinner with another family for hours on end.  That’s my life as a pastor’s kid. 

    As early as I could remember I have gone to church and basically lived there. From a young age, I got molded and changed by the church into the person I am today. I have always tried my best to be a model pastor’s kid since I know that quite a lot of us get a bad reputation. Being a pastor’s kid to others might seem horrible or boring, and at times it is, but I have learned so much from my parents that I feel so blessed to have them.

     As a pastor’s kid, it has allowed me to see other sides of people that I thought I would never see. Experiencing those people and the church world helped me mature faster than others. I could see what others could not when it came to difficult situations. With my Dad being a pastor we moved around to multiple churches and that came with moving to different states like North Carolina, Florida, Georgia and recently Texas. With that it allowed me to see many different styles of people and how they worship and it helps me develop my own ways of worship. One of my most memorable experiences was going to church at 5 in the morning. The reason why is that it is a portable church where volunteers set up everything in a high school. Let me tell you those were not the best mornings, but the good side was we got Whataburger for breakfast.

    Though it’s not all sunshine and rainbows being a pastor’s kid comes with lots of pressure. The pressure of having everyone look at every little thing you do. While to get a little personal it comes with confidence issues, but I have learned as I got older that you just have to rely on God. Without God as your rock, it becomes difficult to destroy those insecurities and through him, you have to learn that you are not perfect. As my church says, “No perfect people allowed” which just means no one is perfect except God which is something I believe everyone should learn. The church also allowed me to flourish in volunteering by doing techy things like mixing audio, running cameras and making different light scenes. This has allowed me to build skills and leadership abilities that not many people have at my age.

    Overall I am so glad God allowed me to have the life I have. Even with the ups and downs of life, with God I have been able to grow and learn to be a better person. I have learned so much as a pastor’s kid that will help me go so far in life. I hope I can be influential towards another pastor’s kid and help them with what I can. I also hope when I get older I can have the same influence my parents have on my own children and mold them for the better.