Featured Face: Brandon Burckel

Featured Face: Brandon Burckel

Sam Lee, Assistant Editor of Photography/Tech

Name: Brandon Burckel

Grade: 12th

Extracurriculars: Baseball and golf

What I enjoy doing: Working out and playing video games

What makes me unique: I am a winner. No matter what I am faced with there is no doubt I will do my best to win.

Talents: I am very gifted athletically.

Future plans: I am going to try and play professional baseball. If not I would like to become a coach.

What’s on my TV: Rick and Morty

What I drive: 2001 Toyota Avalon

Favorite movies: Avengers: Endgame, Grown-Ups, Ready Player One.

Favorite music: Rap and Country

Favorite website or social media: Youtube

Superstitions: I do not like to feel trapped in a small space

Worst habit: Tend to find an easy way to do something.

I would love to trade places for a day with: Mike Trout

First job: Spraying Hydromulch and laid sod.

Favorite meal: Caniac combo

Favorite drink: Lemonade and Powerade mixed

Talent I would most like to have: I wish I could dance

Favorite celebrity: Adam Sandler

My hero: Albert Pujols

Hobbies or interests: Golf, working out, fantasy sports, baseball.

Bucket list: I have so many